A towel rack, shower and bathroom sink

If you are working with a small bathroom space that does not mean you have to give up on style and functionality. At Thompson's Home Improvement we have been helping remodel bathrooms for over 15 years and we know some great tips and tricks to renovating a small space. You can follow these simple tricks in order to make the most of your space and get the ideal bathroom you are dreaming of.

1. Pick a Large Mirror

Mirrors are great for making a space look and feel bigger. We suggest installing a large mirror to help reflect light and give the best angles in your bathroom. This will help give the impression that your bathroom has more space!

2. Give Your Bathroom Wall a Pop

Having an accent of some kind is perfect for small bathrooms. You can add a flashy color to one wall or add a colorful tile to brighten up your bathroom space. Make sure your wall surface is completely clean before adding anything to it. You want to make sure everything lays flat to present the best finished look.

3. Add Shelving

Storage is hard to find throughout your home. When you are renovating a smaller bathroom, shelving can go a long way. Use a shelf to add decor or stack your bathroom towels. Floating shelves are in right now and can offer a spa-like display of soaps and towels. A cute shelf would also be a great space for you to store extra toilet paper up off the floor. 

4. Sliding Shower Doors

A simple way to add style to your bathroom is by adding a glass to enclose your shower. If you have stylish shower surrounds in your bathroom this can also make your shower a show piece in your small space. Adding a sliding glass door will offer optimal functionality to your bathroom space. You will not have to worry about your door swinging open and shut hitting other items in your tiny bathroom.

5. Minimal Decor

Sometimes when you have a small space a little bit goes a long way. Displaying minimal decor in a small bathroom space is best. That is why we suggest using your walls as the centerpiece for your bathroom space. You can also hang hooks on the walls of your bathroom to display a simple piece of art or add towel holding space. 

6. Install a Smaller Tub

Call Thompson's Home Improvement today to see if we have a tub that will fit perfectly in your small bathroom space. Standard tubs run 60 inches, but that is not the only size tubs come in. Call us today to get your custom installation estimate from our A+ Better Business Bureau rated company. You do not have to settle for anything less than perfection in your bathroom space when you reach out to Thompson's Home Improvement.