When we watch our favorite remodeling shows on HGTV, they're often focused on the interior of a home. There's no denying that the transformation of a 1960s kitchen into a sleek, modern kitchen beats all. 

But, what about the exterior? Curb appeal is worth its weight in gold. And, without a solid roof and long-lasting siding, what's it all for anyway? 

If you're in the market for longevity and durability, then you're quickly going to be on the hunt for a James Hardie siding contractor. 

This siding material does it all: it's long-lasting, fade-resistant, pest-resistant, and composed of a unique material that can withstand the most severe weather conditions.

That's a lot of responsibility rolled into one, so let's peel back the curtains and show you how to hire the top expert for this once-in-a-lifetime job. 

Why James Hardie Siding?

In a sea of options, James Hardie siding keeps floating to the surface for several reasons. The most popular reason is its durability. Composed of fiber cement, this siding material is moisture-resistant, rot-resistant, and fade-resistant.

While vinyl and wood siding can also last a long time, they're not nearly as durable, water-resistant, or rot-resistant. Beyond all this, James Hardie siding also provides maximum fire protection, given its non-combustible makeup. And, to everyone's pleasure, it's also pest-resistant. 

For many, it's important to note that their color options are eye-catching and elegant. From Arctic White, to Boothbay Blue, to Mountain Sage, it's nice to know that the color you choose will last for decades. 

This also means James Hardie siding will never reveal the age of your home. Who doesn't want the maximum return on their investment, especially when it comes to homeownership?

Another popular perk is the fact that James Hardie siding is easy to clean. You can cancel any future appointments for a high-pressure power washer (that can, in many instances, damage your siding).

A simple rinse with your garden hose about twice a year will be more than enough to keep your siding in tip-top shape.

How to Choose the Best Contractor

Since this is such a unique material, you don't want to entrust your installation to anyone. This is a high-quality material that simply must be installed right.

An Omaha James Hardie siding contractor will typically offer a warranty spanning decades. Right there, you know this is a commitment that must be done right. 

Check Their Experience

One of the first tip-offs will be the inclusion of James Hardie siding information on the company website. So, if a contractor doesn't mention this material (and offer extensive information on the topic), they're probably not up to snuff.

The best James Hardie siding contractor will display a real understanding and appreciation for this high-quality material. 

If you see adequate information on their site, then you can move onto their portfolio. Everyone has to start somewhere, but you'll probably want a contractor with ample experience in James Hardie siding installation.

Since it's a superior material, it also requires more dedication and care as it's being installed. 

Poke around the net to see what you can find in terms of recognition and reviews. Are they listed in the Better Business Bureau? Are they a member of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry?

See if they have Google reviews, Facebook reviews, or Home Advisor reviews, to start. Read each review - the good and the bad.

Remember, reviews are a good indicator, but they're not the end-all, be-all. You just want to see an overall semblance of satisfaction. You'll uncover more in the next two steps.  

Conduct Interviews

We recommend that you line up at least three contractors. While each person will come with their own experience and expertise, you'll be able to follow your gut and make the right choice. 

The right contractor is going to exude professionalism, have an intelligent answer for each of your questions, and put you at ease. It must be clear they will handle this major construction project by remaining in steady communication with you. 

You'll also want to see that everyone's pricepoint is in the same neighborhood. This will reassure you that no one is trying to hoodwink you. (And, if someone is, that only helps the process of elimination.)

Here are some of the most important questions to ask: 

  • May I see your license and insurance
  • How long have you been in business? 
  • How many times have you installed James Hardie siding?
  • How do you communicate with your customers throughout each project? 
  • What type of warranty are you offering? 
  • What is your timeline and estimate? 
  • How will you go about securing proper permits? 

Ask for References

Not many things last 30 years these days. It's all about a quick buck. So, if you're going to invest in something with such a high ROI, then you're going to want to know you're working with the real deal. 

Don't be afraid to ask your potential contractor for the names and phone numbers for a few references. Call those people and ask them about their experience.

Here are a few questions you'll want to cover: 

  • How was your experience with this contractor? 
  • Did they promptly answer all your questions before, during, and after installation? 
  • Did they complete the project on time? 
  • Did the final price closely match the estimate?
  • How did the contractor resolve any issues that arose during the process? 
  • Would you work with them again?

Once you've covered all this ground and asked all these questions, you can call your top pick and work towards signing a contract. 

A James Hardie Siding Contractor for You

Selecting the best contractor starts with a little bit of behind-the-scenes footwork. Once you feel comfortable moving forward, then it's time to conduct a few interviews. From there, don't be shy about calling as many references as you can.

If you're looking for a James Hardie siding contractor in Omaha, feel free to reach out to us today. Here at Thompson's Home Improvements, we've installed James Hardie siding on more than 2,000 homes. 

While we know the business, we want to make sure you know everything you need to know to complete a siding project with comfort and ease. We do not believe in high-pressure sales tactics and will never put you in that situation.

Best of all, with more than eight crews out on the road, we will get your job done in an appropriate timeline. Give us a call today to see why 2,000 families in the great state of Nebraska have entrusted us with their homes.