Purchasing Options

Where can I buy James Hardie Siding?

James Hardie can be purchased in most places where exterior building products are sold.  If you are looking to have a contractor install the siding for you, your best option is to work with a James Hardie certified partner like Thompson’s Home Improvement. 


Are there any problems with James Hardie Siding?

Problems with James Hardie siding typically occurs due to improper installation in a climate like Omaha. If the product is not installed the correct way, water can get behind the siding and freeze in the winter months. Proper installation is the key to the long-term performance of James Hardie siding. Our team at Thompson’s Home Improvement has the right training, equipment, and experience to deliver a James Hardie solution that will meet your expectations.

How hard is it to install James Hardie siding?

James Hardie is not a difficult product to install but it does require specialized equipment, skilled carpenters, and experience and knowledge of James Hardie siding. Installation guidelines need to be followed to a T, to guarantee your home is covered under warranty.  One problem a lot of people run into while installing the siding is using the wrong equipment. Our crews use specialized equipment to get the job done right.

How much does it cost to install James Hardie siding on your home?

The simple answer—it depends. Every house is different, and the only way we can determine the price of the investment is to have one of our skilled team members come out and assess your home.  A good point of reference, it is similar in price to premium vinyl siding. 

Does my existing siding need to be removed to install James Hardie siding?

In most cases, the answer is yes, your existing siding will need to be removed to install James Hardie siding.  James Hardie’s installation specifications require the product to be installed on a flat surface. If the siding is installed over another product it will not be covered under warranty and will not perform as engineered. Regardless of the concerns with the warranty, it is generally best to remove the existing siding to address any underlying issues.  There could be unseen problems with rot and termites lurking behind your siding.  These problems need to be addressed or they will continue to get worse. As a rule of thumb, all Hardie Board siding products need to be installed on a flat surface.  Vinyl siding can be installed over other siding products, but we don’t recommend it.

How long does James Hardie remodel usually take?

A typical full-siding remodel may take about 2 weeks, depending on the size and scope of the project

Paint Colors & Finish

Is James Hardie available in prefinished colors?

Yes.  James Hardie siding is available in prefinished colors straight from the factory.  This finish is covered under their 15-year non-prorated finish warranty.

How many colors is James Hardie siding available in?

James Hardie is available in 20 standard colors (Statement Collection) in the Omaha area, and 700+ colors (Dream Collection) with a special order.  With all these options, you are guaranteed to find a color you’ll love.

Can you paint James Hardie siding?

Yes.  James Hardie siding products can be repainted if you so choose. (Note, this will not be covered under James Hardie’s finish warranty; the material remains covered.)


What kind of a warranty does James Hardie siding have?

James Hardie provides a 30-year non-prorated warranty on all their siding products. This covers both full material and labor replacement costs.  The warranty is, of course, contingent on the quality of the installation.  If the siding is improperly installed the warranty is void. James Hardie also has a 15-year non-prorated labor and material warranty on their pre-finished paint.


Is James Hardie maintenance free?

Yes.  James Hardie siding products need little to no effort to maintain its curb appeal and zero effort to maintain its structural integrity. James Hardie is more resistant to dust and dirt than vinyl siding.

Does mold cling to James Hardie?

James Hardie coding has mold inhibitors in the finish.  This makes it less likely than other siding products to develop a mold problem.  

Is James Hardie resistant to woodpeckers?

Yes.  James Hardie is a cement-based product, and it holds up well to woodpecker intrusion. This product is recommended for people with woodpecker problems in their area.